Buying Wholesale?

Discover the membership that gets you the best deals in American Made furniture and home decor.

No more brokerage fees, no surcharges, just tons of product at wholesale price!

Membership Perks

Void The 10% Brokerage Fee At Lancaster County Showcase

Take 10% Off At Houston Cafe

Special Discounts From Keystone Transport 

Priority Pass FAQS

Q. What is Priority Pass?

A. It’s a subscription based membership offered to select wholesale buyers.

Q. What Are The Benefits?

A. The biggest benefit of being a Priority Pass member is that it voids the 10% brokerage fee that applies to products purchased from showrooms in Lancaster County Showcase. Most buyers will easily justify the cost of a subscription on their first visit to the Showcase.

Q. How Do I Get My Priority Pass?

A. By visiting our showroom, calling us, or by clicking the yellow buttons on this page. After payment your Priority Pass membership card will be sent via mail.

Q. What Does A Priority Membership Cost?

A. One-year subscriptions cost $99.99. Memberships can be canceled at any time by calling 717.687.8150

Q. When Does My Priority Pass Expire?

A. Exactly one year from the date of purchase. You’ll receive alerts via email before your Priority Pass expires.

Q. How Soon is the Priority Pass Available?

A. Right now! Click on the button below to get started!