Latest News

Due to the long lead times at most of our manufacturers, more and more customers are using the Showcase to get product to fill up their stores.  This has increased the amount of goods flowing through the Showcase, requiring the hiring of an additional part-time person.  While the Showcase doesn’t depend on the brokerage fee to generate profit, we felt that increasing it to 15% will help pay for that additional worker.  When things return to a more normal use of the Showcase as primarily a marketing tool, as opposed to an additional wholesale outlet, the brokerage fee will return to 10%.  We hope this happens soon.  Thank you for your understanding.

Congratulations to our latest winners of a No Brokerage Fee certificate from our Ice Cream Days!

  • Dutch Hill Homestead – Cohocton, NY

  • Jeb Kep Gifts – Parksley, VA

  • Homecraft Country Store – East Lyme, CT

  • Harvest Moon Gifts – Hyde Park, NY

  • Countryside Roadstand – Ronks, PA

Special Events

August 11, 2021     PA Furniture Builders Customer Appreciation Day       

                              located at:      Garrett’s Mill Business Center

                                                        9 Terry Lane, Lebanon, PA 17402

        For more info, call:      (717) 273-2706 or visit their website –

August 30 & 31, 2021              Meet Our Friends Tour

                                                                                      14 Shops, free gas card at each stop

September 28 & 29, 2021      The Lancaster Expo

                                                                                       Meet the manufacturers! Free food! Save the date!

What Sets Us Apart

The main purpose of the Showcase is to bring the vendor and the customer together so they can build a strong relationship that will last for many years.

Over 100 manufacturers display a large selection of furniture, home decor, and crafts.

The Showcase offers only American-made products.

We host two Lancaster Expo events per year with free food and prizes,

where you can come to meet the Amish craftsmen!