Kinzer Woodworking

Children love to climb, slide, swing, crawl through or over things, shout, and pretend they are grownup. With our unique playlets that an be fully customized, they can pretend to fly a helicopter, drive a dump truck, or dig with a bulldozer. Our playlets help them with imagination, exercise, and just getting some fresh air.

We only use #1 or better pressure-treated southern yellow pine, milled on all 4 sides with rounded corners for a nice smooth finish and to reduce the chance of splinters. We use stainless steel or powder-coated bolts, washers, nuts, lag bolts, swing beam plates, and swing hangers for a longer-lasting product, and to eliminate rust spots. We use a large selection of stain colors that have a 15-year siding and a 5-year deck warranty. With a little care and maintenance, these structures should last from 15 to 20 years.

Company Info:

3531 Lincoln Hwy East, Kinzers, PA 17535-9701

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