Hostetler Table & Chairs

The history of Hostetler Tables & Chairs is woven throughout four generations of the Hostetler family. What began decades ago continues today, and our hope is that you will recognize and appreciate all we have accomplished in carrying on our family tradition in furniture-making, unique designs, crafted for comfort and style. Our furniture is durable, beautiful, and made from the very best poly lumber in the industry. What you see in our furniture line is a rich heritage of experience and craftsmanship displayed in our designs, which we believe are incomparable in this industry.

Each day our team strives for excellence, and every new year our goal is to faithfully maintain the quality and customer service that we’ve always held ourselves to, with each and every customer in mind. Many of our designs were born of the truly wonderful and valuable suggestion for improvement that our customers have provided. We implemented those improvements and all our customers have seen and have benefited from the end results. So, we thank you, our customers, for without you we simply would not have the quality designs that we now present to you here. We hope our products inspire you to create an outdoor living space.

Company Info:

616 Kentucky Ave, Punxsutawney, PA 15767
+1 814-427-4444

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