Byler’s Rustic Furniture

Mountain Rustic Furniture

Celebrate nature with your choice of fine one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are masterfully crafted from choice hardwoods. All our hardwood is carefully selected from US forests and dried naturally for 3 months. The hardwood is then kiln-dried to a precise moisture content ideal for crafting quality furniture. Hand-selected pieces are used by craftsmen for components ideally suited for each piece. Experienced steam benders use the hundred-year-old process of applying steam and pressure to permanently bend each piece to the desired shape. Everything is carefully cut and fitted using traditional joinery methods, building a masterpiece that will last for ages. Over time, the natural color will age, testifying to its genuine hardwood production. Our pieces glow with pioneer vigor and wild freedom.

The Allegheny Collection by Byler’s Rustic Furniture boasts a distinct light and dark contrast between the lighter wormy maple and darker walnut wood, giving it a unique character that is hard to ignore. The intricate patterns on the wood’s surface, with its striations and grainy textures, will bring a natural charm to your bedroom. The furniture collection is carefully constructed using locally sourced Pennsylvania hardwood with strong mortise and tenon joints. Each piece is meticulously finished with multiple coats of lacquer, ensuring its longevity for many generations to come.

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819 Kentucky Ave, Punxsutawney, PA 15767
+1 814-939-4130

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