Welcome to Spotts Road Woodworks!

Along a small country road in eastern Lancaster County lies the home of Sports Road Woodworks, a manufacturer of quality pet and children’s furniture.  Owner Sam Stoltzfus started by making small piece crafts for a few roadside markets in 1998.  He also made giraffe coat trees and ABC bookshelves for a local wholesaler.  With the help of his wife and growing children, he was able to redesign the ABC bookcases, and also add toy cubbies, barn and dollhouse bookcases to create a line of children’s furniture.  Not to forget the giraffe coat tree with spots, which is a very important part of this product line.

The poly pet feeder line was born in 2005 when a wholesaler came to us with the design, and wanted us to build them.  After manufacturing them for the company a few years, they discontinued that line of products, therefore giving us the opportunity to manufacture them for ourselves and create our own line of pet products.  Since then, we have added the fish- and mouse-shaped cat feeders, pine pet feeders, and pet toy boxes.

Here at Sports Road we have made some changes to our production line earlier this year, adding a new line of tools in the basement of the shop in order to speed up production and shorten lead times.  We have pine pet feeders and toy boxes in stock, as well as parts for poly pet feeders so they are ready to assemble when you place your order.

Sports Road is a family owned and operated business striving for excellent customer service and satisfaction.  Please see us at AllAmericanWholesalers.com/SpottsRoadWoodworks or call us today at 717-768-7047, and we will be glad to assist you.

Wishing you all a blessed Autumn,

The team at Sports Road Woodworks

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